Collection of contemporary art in the Digne area

Collection of contemporary art in the Digne area


Complex relations link creative artists to the present that surrounds them and partly conditions them. In Digne, they were invited to create works in the open air while taking into account the social, historical and/or scientific realities of the area. This resulted in a series of works that reveal the disappearance of the world of small farmers who shaped today’s landscapes and the strong impression made by the natural environment.

Thus artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, herman de vries and Richard Nonas invite you to a discover high altitude villages that are now deserted, and even to stay there temporarily by sleeping in “œuvres-lieux” [“place-works”] (Andy Goldsworthy, Refuge d’Art).
Others show, with humour or poetry, the diversity and the scientific foundation (Joan Fontcuberta, Paul-Armand Gette), or underline the present and past history of certain sites (Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Trevor Gould, and Stéphane Bérard).
Most of the works are accessible on foot and free of charge, throughout the whole year.

Art contemporain en pays dignois“, N. GOMEZ, in ESPACES tourisme et loisirs, No. 31, July-August 2016.


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