CAIRN art centre

CAIRN art centre

Created in 2000 on the initiative of the Gassendi Museum and in collaboration with UNESCO Geopark of Haute-Provence, the CAIRN art centre is an artistic laboratory that supports and promotes contemporary creation in rural areas.

CAIRN is developing on a small and large scale: a temporary exhibition room, a route punctuated by sculptures in the heart of Saint-Benoît Park and a collection of permanent artworks on the territory of UNESCO Geopark of Haute-Provence. Created in relation to the context, scattered near villages or along mountain paths, these artworks invite you to discover the landscapes crossed in a alternative way.

The art centre hosts artists by invitation, for the production of artworks and exhibitions (three per year), and by call for applications, for a research residency. From spring to autumn, the CAIRN art centre offers mediation activities (exhibition visits, hosting of schools, workshops) and one-off events (openings, conferences, meetings with artists).

The CAIRN art centre is part of the BOTOX(S) network of contemporary art in the French Alps and Riviera, the d.c.a network (French association for the development of contemporary art centres), and the ELAN network (European Land-Art Network).



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Find the new edition of the guide “L’art des parcours” to discover the artworks in Haute-Provence.

20 mapped itineraries to discover the collection of open-air artworks on the territory of UNESCO Geopark of Haute-Provence. In addition to the description of the routes, this guide offers the presentation of artworks, texts on the work of the artists and all the practical information to reach them.
Published by Arnaud Bizalion Editions. On sale at the CAIRN art centre and Gassendi Museum shop.

“In the act of walking, there is movement from one point to another, but above all there is an effort, an intention, which makes the discovery of each artwork more intense and intimate.”