Exhibition Tropismes, Maggy Cluzeau July, 5th to September, 16th 2018

” TROPISMES “  Maggy Cluzeau

Exhibition from July, 5th to September, 16th 2018

Vernissage, Openning July, 4th at 6pm

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In Maggy Cluzeau’s exhibition at the CAIRN art center, the artist presents four new projects developed from items gleaned from her everyday surroundings, ranging from the landscapes of the Alpes de Haute Provence to the more intimate scale of her domestic world. From landscapes to be crossed to modes of habitation, the artist interrogates our relationship with lived-in space. She develops her work out of the simple tensions between the natural items she gathers and rehomes, and others that she alters, organizes and collects. Her practice is also methodical, as she takes these materials and attens, burns or melts them. At the reduced scale of these sculptures, she recreates the mountain landscapes, clouds, paths and streams. As for the potter’s wheel, this is the shortest route she has found from the earth to functional, perfect, symmetrical forms. is intermediary hints at a ghostly, fragile and dependent human presence.

A Publication in the « Semaine review » go along the exhibit with a text of Roula Matar, an art and architectural theorist, where she explains all the art pieces.

Maggy Cluzeau – biography

 Maggy Cluzeau was born in 1977. She lives at Digne-les-Bains and is a ceramist teacher at the IDBL art school. After she applied for arts studies, she started working with Richard Deacon in his sculpture studio at the Beaux-arts of Paris. Then, she moved in Brussels where she began to learn the potter wheel technics at the Saint-Gilles academy, afterwards she continued her researches in Madrid at the Ceramics School of Moncloa (ECM).
Now, going along with her research, her work interrogates the aspect of the ceramic object as a sculpture and as an utilitarian object.