Lower Universe – Alessandro Quaranta



Alessandro Quaranta

Exhibition from September 28th to November 30th

Opening on Friday 27th September 2019, from 6:00 pm


Alessandro Quaranta, Stella’s animals, video clip, 2019


Artist in-residence at CAIRN art center during several weeks, Alessandro roamed the differents sites of the UNESCO Haute-Provence Geopark, walking through forests, trails and villages. His curiosity to explore a memory of sounds permeated in the mountains led him nearby the mountain “la tête de l’Estrop” one of the most stony and desertic area around Digne.

This immersion in the area to meet with differents animal noises drove him to imagine a scenario for a video filmed around the Eaux-Chaudes lake, while living several days on site. Some of the images will be shot with the participation of juniors from elementary school les Augiers where the artist led a workshop in 2018. His video will create a dialogue between aerial and underwater worlds and will be presented during his personal exhibition at CAIRN art center alongside other pieces questioning human-animal relationships and their interaction with environment. This project won the nctm e l’arte’s award.


The Eaux-Chaudes Lake, © Alessandro Quaranta, 2018.


Alessandro Quaranta is born in Turin in 1975. Artist, videographer, his work has been exhibited in several institutions, GAM, (Modern Art museum of Turin, 2014), Sandretto Re Rebaudengo foundation, Autograph ABP (London, 2012) Modern Art museum of Louisiana (DK, 2011), PAV (Turin, 2010), CESAC (Caraglio, Cuneo, 2010), Contempoary art museum of Caracas, Venezuela (2009), DOCVA (Milan, 2008), CareOF (Milan, 2005). He participated in the Triennial of the Valais, Switzerland in 2014 and in the Biennial of Lyon in 2009.