Emma Dusong – Sound source

Emma Duson

Sound source

July,2 – September, 18, 2017


For its summer programme, the CAIRN Art Centre has invited artist Emma Dusong to cast her gaze and voice both inside and outside the exhibition space.

« Source sonore » (Sound source), on show at the CAIRN Art Centre from the 2nd of July to the 18th of September, is a heterogeneous exhibition, which is in dialogue with the different environments and their natural elements through various media (engravings, video, sound installations and sculptures).

During her residence at CAIRN, Emma Dusong traces the banks of streams and the gullied slopes of mountains to explore the resonance of the past in the present, both on a human and a geological level. Faced with the transformation of the landscape, the perpetual flow of water, the changing seasons and the extinction of species, the artist leads us to question the vulnerability of human life. She explores the notion of remanence : the persistence of a state after its cause has been removed. In her sound pieces, singing slowly leads us into a sensorial and metaphorical universe ; simultaneously pure and ambigous, joyful and worrisome. Her voice follows the emotions like a breath ; it transforms and becomes for us the living source of an internal movement.