Current exhibition

by Cairn Centre Art in Non classé


Curator Blandine Chavanne

From July 6 to November 2, 2020


“Paul Armand Gette was born in Lyon in 1927. After starting his professional career, he decided to turn, in the early 1960s, to an artistic career, using his knowledge of botany and geology, which he introduced to the mythological world. An unclassifiable artist, he plays with labels, blurring the boundaries between natural sciences, literature, poetry, mythology and art history. Painting, sculpture, photography, text, all mediums are summoned to offer us a singular reading of the world around us.

Although it has benefited from numerous solo exhibitions, the exhibition Artémis and Paul Armand Gette, 50 Years of Conversations is the first retrospective to allow us to see the coherence of the work from the common thread that is the great goddess Artémis, whom he has often encountered in the Dignois territory that he has been surveying for nearly 15 years and whom he has summoned in the inspired works presented at CAIRN”.

From a Blandine Chavanne’s text for the exhibition Artémis and Paul Armand Gette, 50 years of conversations

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