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Andy Goldsworthy. Poppy spits. Digne-les-Bains, France. 10 June 2015 (Projection de coquelicots.Digne-les-bAINS, France.10 JUIN 2015) © Andy Goldsworthy

June – October 31st

Antoine Boudin. Poster for the exhibition Flash Back, A brief history of the Cairn © Antoine Boudin

A brief history of Cairn

The Flash-Back exhibition, whose scenography is in keeping with a desire for sobriety and respect for nature that is dear to the project, retraces the different stages in the history of the Cairn, a veritable “artistic laboratory in the mountains” that was a pioneer in France and Europe in terms of the size of the space involved. This retrospective is based on the Cairn’s archives and on a selection of works lent by the artists. For more than a year, the video artist Jean-Baptiste Warluzel, during numerous stays to which he was invited, produced a work for this exhibition: Second Plan.

Curator : Nadine Gomez-Passamar

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