Da Gadjo, Alessandro Quaranta presents his project

by Cairn Centre Art in Non classé

Alessandro Quaranta, La sparizione dell’arrivore, 2005, Video extract.


Alessandro Quaranta

Da Gadjo

at musée Gassendi

Public presentation, March 3rd, 4:30pm

(1st sunday of the month) free entry



Alessandro Quaranta, artist in residence at CAIRN art center, presents his video work at the musée Gassendi, in Digne-les-bains during the exhibition « vincent pays a visit» from January 23rd to march 10th, 2019.


For this project, Da Gadjo the artist went to meet roma families, an ethnic group that is perceived, more than any other, as impossible to assimilate by society. Result from often visits to a camp in the suburbs of Turin, the project, entitled Da gadjo, mentions the term that is used by roma communities to identify people from outside the community, foreigner people. As a foreigner, Alessandro Quaranta choose to enter the camp, to film the way of living of its inhabitants, respecting traditional codes of welcoming and getting to know them progressively during a year. The first video Kames te pijas kafa? (Do you want a coffee?) 2003, shows a woman gestures, preparing coffee, a welcoming ritual, with the most rudimentary meanings of the campment transcripting her intimacy and the precarity of her life. The second video, la sparizione dell’arrivore, (2005) filmed by five cameras during a whole year, reveals the campement metamorphoses, season to season, depending on relantionships dynamic between the inhabitants, and also the movments of the shacks untill their complete disapperance, imposed by local administration.

Alessandro Quaranta, KAMES TE PIJAS KAFA? (Do you want a coffee?) 2003, video extract

The artist will present his work during a public presentation, free entry, during the first sunday of the month,

March 3rd 2019.

Following the steps of Vincent Van Gogh’s art, and upon musée Gassendi and CAIRN art center invitation, Alessandro Quaranta will encounter gypsy communities in Digne-les-Bains. Through conversations, the artist will raise the question of people and places memory, during the month of April.



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